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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I am SUCH a Cool Dude!

Visitors! Lots of visitors! Human ones and doggy ones! Yessss! My buddies came to play! Shadow and Tizzy came to play! Yayyyyyy!

First of all though, I had to take Daddy walkies while Mum did some strange thing with two round squidgy flat things she made yesterday. When we came back they were stacked together with fluffy white stuff in between and on top plus red pimply sort-of-triangularish shaped / heart shaped things all over the top.

Then, as we got back, our first visitors arrived. They were humanfriends Peter and Lin from another floatyboatyhome. Actually, after initial waggy greetings, I just chilled out with my bone while the humans sat and munched that grand-design red pimply blob topped yummy, and did the inevitable interminable yacketyyacketyyacketyyackyackyacking.

Shortly after they left us, I had to take Mummy workywalkies, with Daddy tagging along too. We went along the towpath, then across a beastie busy road to a human yummyery. We didn't go straight in though. Instead, we waited outside for a few minutes, then a car arrived. We went towards that car and Oh My! Tail in mega-wag mode! My buddies Shadow and Tizzy got out of that car! Oh, I guess I should mention that they did have their human mummy, Chrissie with them too! We all went to the little park just behind the yummyery and I heard those lovely words: "Go Play"!!! Well.....I didn't waste a moment! Loony zoomies with Tizzy! Yaaayyhaaayyyy! I tried to get Shadow to play too and I know he wanted to but he is too old and poorly! He just can't do it, so I ran up to him from time to time - just to say 'Hi' and check up on him! Then I gave Tizzy another run for her life! Tizzy is quite senior too but she is still a whizzy Tizzy! We had some great fun! Patt way through this time of loonying, a manhuman appeared at the other end of the park. I stood and watched for a moment to check that I wan't mistaken. I wasn't! It was my humanpal Pete! Tizzy spotted him at the same time and we raced to get to him. I beated her! I got to her daddy before she did! Heehee! I got the first kisses in! I didn't manage to nick his hat this time though!

Next, we all went into the yummery garden and endured the torture of the humans noshing while we just had to dream of our dinners! We stayed waaaaayyyy past my dinner time too! It was just awful! I was wasting away by the minute! Starved! Emaciated! Weaker and weaker! I was so weak I had to ride in Pete's big high-up car back to our floatyboatyhome. Dad rode in the front and Mum went with Chrissie in her car, with Shadow and Tizzy.

Back aboard our home, I STILL had to wait for my dinner while they all did yet more yacketying! Whimper....... I was ready to eat myself! Finally - eventually - just before I passed out from total malnutrition  - Mum actually got round to getting my dinner! Phew! I have survived! Just!

Photo of me in harness, inside the human yummyery, wearing Mum's dark eye windows.

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