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Thursday, 6 April 2017

I've been a Clever Boy again! (Aren't I always???)

"You are so clever!" Mum said that several times today! How many more times will she have to say before she realises it is quite right!

We went workywalkies in Reading first - around some shops and with a visit to a human yummyery. That was the first observation of my cleverness: I took Mum to the human spending room and, when we came back out, she thought we needed to turn left. She told me to 'Find the way out. Find left' Well, I knew those two didn't fit together so I gave her 'the look' (a glance back over my shoulder) and turned right and headed straight to the door! "Ok smartybum! You are so clever!" Well, my smartybum hit that floor pretty smartish - ready to receive proof of how good I was! Treat duly accepted, we headed off out onto the streets again.

"Find the crossing" - no problem. "Find the button" - A quick hup-touch to show Mum exactly where the button was, got me my next 'Clever boy' treat.

"Find the car" was the next one - I confess I may have slowed down a tad on approach - well - walking is much more fun! But I did find the car - and.....well....OK a treat for hopping in is worth having!

The next stop was at the huge humanvets place. We have been here before (apart from when Mum stayed in a bed in a different bit of it - that was different). We've been to the Eye Clinic before and that was where we had to go today. We went in the big doorway and I instantly recognised where we were. Mum and Dad were hesitating - trying to read the squiggles on the walls (well, Dad was trying to read them anyway). I didn't need squiggles! I just tugged Mum straight up the stairs, turned left, around the corridors and straight to the door of the Eye Clinic! "You really have got your smartypants on today haven't you?! You are SOOO clever Oaks!" I got lots of fuss and yummies for that! Heehee!

After being led into several different rooms and having some tests and lots of yacketying, Mum was lost! Really disorientated. I sorted her out though. No hesitation......a faultless walk back to the entrance and then on back to the car! More yummies! I do like the taste of being clever!

Mum was happy too - that is always good! Apparently the humanvetman has confirmed that her vision loss is nothing for Debbi or Rosie to worry about - it is not caused by anything that they might get. I don't understand but I do like it when Mum's mouth is up at the corners!

This evening, we have been out again at humanfriends' home. This meant that I had to be clever again when we returned. Our floatyboatyhome is quite a long way along a completely dark towpath. No problem to me! We are now safely aboard and I think I am very ready for my sofasnuggles with my Mummy!

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