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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I was Wrong...

Humph! What a con!

I took Mummy workywalkies this morning. A nice long workywalkies without Dad. He disappeared off in the car. The workywalkies even included enduring ooooooodles of that 'browsing' thing in Dullelm and Beeancue. After all that came the command 'Find the bus stop'. Well that sounds exciting. I thought. So I strutted off to guide Mum to the bus stop. We sat and waited for a little while. That was fine. Then I got really excited when the bus came along. It was the Bus of Hope that we go out on sometimes to meet and greet all the maximinihumans. Dad was driving it! What an adventure. I thought.

I was wrong! We rode non-stop to a huge bus-vet-place. We waited there while some manhumans poked and prodded some things inside a box in the upsteps bit of the bus, then we rode all the way back again. That was it! The exciting (???) outing! Humph!

At least I got to meet and greet the manhumans and then I got to water a tree there before we left.

It was a good workywalkies. The rest of the day has given me good chance to almost finish my bone-demolition work.

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