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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I'm Officially a Smartybum!

Daddy left me this morning. I got my breakfast super duper early but then he abandoned me! Apparently he went to drive a big upstairsdownstairs bus to take a whole load of minihumans to their humanpuppyclasses.

Most of the day was spent chilling out on my sofabed with Mum (she was busy clicketyfingersing for most of the time). Then, when Daddy came back, we all went workywalkies to Lidl's before returning for more sofatime.

Then, this evening, Daddy left me again! I had my dinner and then took Mummy workywalkies on a new route. Daddy had told her which way to go beforehand. We didn't just go out on a random wander! The first bit of the route was familiar - far too familiar! I had the horrible thought that we were just going to Dullelm. Thankfully, we walked past it and kept going. Phew! I had to guide Mum along the busy road (well...the pavement beside the busy road. Then I had to 'find the crossing' and 'hup touch' the button. Mum was really impressed because I actually managed to press the button for her! Heehee! We went across that first bit of the road when the little knob twirled in Mum's pawpointers to tell her it was safe to go. Then, at the next bit of the crossing, we stood there in the middle of the road for ages because the twirler wasn't working. Mum had to listen very carefully for a safe gap in the traffic. I checked too that it was safe before we went across. The last bit had a working twirler so that was OK. Then we were on completely new territory. We have never walked that way before. I did recognise where we were though. We were heading to the place where we usually go on a Tuesday evening on the big bus. Mum tried to do a dafty by going down the wrong turning. I stopped and gave her my bestest 'No Mum, not that way' look. She got the message and said 'OK smartybum, find the way'. Of course I did! It was the next turning left!

A few minutes after we arrived and greeted Enid and a couple of the maximinihumans that we know from there, Daddy turned up driving the big bus! My tail wagged my bum into quite a wiggle!

It was a little bit scary on the bus this evening. Some of the maximinihumans were rather rowdy and stroppy. I found my youngladyhumanfriends though and I was safe with them. I did want to stay near Mummy too though. She was busy making hot brown waters so I couldn't be right with her. I stayed as close as I could though. At the end, some manhumans arrived in blue flashy neenawcar. They sorted it all out and things went quiet again.

Cuddles with Mum and a munchy cowtail have made it all good and happy again back aboard our cozy floatyboatyhome.

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