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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Please may I have a Job as a Cleaner at Tesco?

"Dinky"! That's what Mum keeps saying I am. "A dinky Labrador". Well, I'm not surprised I'm dinky with all this walking! I'm shrinking from the paws upwards! Another almost 6 miles of workywalkies again today. I'm not complaining of course. I could have quite happily done another 6 but I think Mum was a bit ouchy in the paws when we got back to floatyboatyhome.

I had snuck in a few lie-downs during the excursion. Well......Dullelms is not exactly exciting is it? And Mum was taking forever to do her 'browsing' thing. I think it is a bit dark in there and Mum struggles to see what is on the shelves. See! I don't call it DULL elms for no reason! I just whumped down at the end of the aisles and Mum dropped my lead and left me there to cool my belly on the floor while she squinted around. I am pretty sure we had to go up and down EVERY aisle!

Tesco was more interesting. I almost got myself a carrot but Mum rumbled what I was trying to do and that blimmin noseband enabled her to hoik my head away just too soon! Huff. I did get to do some seriously yummy hoovering though when we were in the aisle where the cold shelves are full of pots of yoghurt. Somebody dropped a pot and it exploded across the floor. Well....I couldn't leave such yumminess there for someone to slip over on could I? Mum said I smelled like a strawberry afterwards! The workyladyhuman thought I was fantastic and offered me a job! I think I could cope happily with that kind of cleaning job!

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  1. and it tastes so much better off the floor doesn't it?