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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Strutted my Stuff Good and Proper Today!

I IS ABSOLUTELY COMPOOPERATED! All workywalkiesded and fusseded out!

It has been a big adventure today! For the first time ever, I got to take Mum on a big outing without Dad. We left Dad behind!

I workywalkied Mum to Newbury Station. We had to wait for ages for Mum to exchange a floppy rectangle for two little rectangles and a few shinydisks. Apparently the little rectangle make the train work: It doesn't go unless everyone on board has these little rectangles. That must be true because everyone else in the queue was getting them too! Once we got them, I had to guide Mum out of the door and along the platform to 'find the train'. Then I had to 'find a seat'. All done, I then squidged myself into a little space between seats and settled down for the ride. We got off when the voice inside the box said we had reached Reading.

Next command was 'find the way out'. No problem! Straight to the big doors, then we had to go find a bus stop. Mum asked somebody for directions. I listened and took Mum straight to the bus stop outside (via a gutter for a necessary squirt down a drain!). We then got on a big bus. The talkybox on the bus that is supposed to tell Mum where we are was working but it was really quiet so she couldn't hear it. We got off at the wrong stop, but a nice manhuman outside pointed us back onto the bus again and told Mum to go to the next stop. We did this and it plonked us right in the middle of Reading Universe City. It was a lovely place with loads of green open spaces. I did hope to get a chance to explore but that wasn't to be. Instead, I had to guide Mum around a maze of walkypaths and to a big building. It was fab to be working in such a completely new environment. Mum was really impressed with me! Hah! Inside that big building was the bestest surprise! Loads of my furry colleagues! Yayyyyhayyyyyy! It was a Guide Dogs Meet & Greet session. |t was fantabulous. Loads of Guide Dogs and Guide Dog Puppies in Training AND loads and loads of human fusses, ear rubs and belly tickles!

After all that lovely fun and attention, it was back into work mode again. First a workywalkies around the Universe City to find the bus stop again, then the bus ride - but, we didn't go straight back to the train station. Instead, we got off in town and I had to work really hard to take Mum around the big huge shoppyplace. First stop here was a human yummyery for a quick lie down under the table, then to a big huge shop full of clicketyfingerstoys and talkybones. I managed to sneak in a lie down under a big table while Mum did a whole load of yacketying. Then we had to find our way out of the shoppyplace and back to the train station. Mum got a bit disorientated and had to ask for directions. A lady behind a desk told her the way out of the shoppyplace. Once again, I had taken in those directions and executed them perfectly! Once outside though, Mum was still a little unsure of the way to the station. I guided her to a man who was sitting on the floor all wrapped up in a sleepysnuggle thing. He needed a bit of my love! I gave him my love and he gave Mum the directions we needed. A good swap methinks! We left him with his mouth up at the corners and we found our way straight to the station.

A nice manhuman gave us directions to the right place to wait for our train then, when it arrived, I showed Mum the way to the door and then to a seat. That gave me another brief chance for a snooze. When the voice in the box told us we were approaching Newbury, I got up and nudged Mum. She put my harness back on and I took her to the door ready to get off when it opened. Once outside the station, I then guided Mum up the road, down under the tunnels, then back up again. Then we found Dad with the car.

A brief ride in the car took us to the big snazzy bus where I got my dinner. That was just enough sustenance to keep me going through the evening of yet more fusses and admiration from all the maximinihumans who come to visit the bus. The little playful meet and greet with Rolo was fun. Rolo came to visit the bus and I got to hop off for a few moments to say doggyhello!

Now I really need my sofasnuggles with Mum. I think she is nearly as tired as me!

Photo of me play-bowing to Rolo the Pug x.

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  1. good stuff Oakley. I had a bit of a stressy day today. When my Walker turned up there were extra big and small humans and this confused me and I ran back to Mum and then she was cross and the phone was ringing and then she slammed the door. What did I do? Please explain. I felt properly in the doghouse. from Lucydog