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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Mega Walkies!

4.5mile adventure workywalkies this morning! I really had to strut my stuff! Most of it was without pavement!

We set off along the towpath then into the village. I found the crossing for Mum, did a 'hup touch' to show her where the bleepybutton was, got my yummy for being clever, then we went left and then right. This was fine for a short way - then the pavement ran out. At first, I didn't like guiding Mum on the road. I kept trying to push her to the side and got a bit anxious. She reassured me it was all OK though and we carried on. Aaaalllll the way up a steep hill that went on forever...... Mum was puffing and panting lots by the time we reached the top. We didn't meet any cars on the road so it was all OK and we both relaxed a bit and enjoyed the walk. Eventually, we found a bit of pavement (ish). Well...it was a gravel path beside the road so it was kinda better - but it was a bit rough and Mum stumbled a few times. I kept her safe though. This path then led to a really nice bit where it moved us away from the road altogether. There were lots of trees with white flowers on them. Mum said it was an orchard and they were apple trees. I felt sure they needed watering but I wasn't allowed!

This orchardy bit of path then led on to a huge playpark. I tried to guide Mum into it, I danced a bit to try to get the message across that the right thing to do would be to go play.....Nope! It didn't work! 'Not today' she said 'get on'. Huff!

I did as I was told though and we eventually got to the end of the parky bit and back onto the road-with-no-pavement - and a steady downward hill. We did meet a few cars and a huge grumbly lorry on this bit. Each time, Mum heard it coming in good time and asked me to 'tuck in' or 'hup' onto the bank at the side so we could wait for them to pass. I soon got the idea of what I needed to do. Actually, a couple of these 'tuck ins' gave me chance to munch on some lovely long strands of grass! Mum says I should start mooing soon!

Except for when those vehicles went by, it was really peaceful and Mum was able to listen to all the featherballs around while I looked after where we were going. When we did one of our 'tuck ins' I almost got a snack! A live snack! Or maybe it would have been a new toy? Whatever it might have become, it didn't because it got away. It was a strange featherball - it didn't flap or go up - it scurried off making a really loud 'chack-chack-chack' noise. It was only a paw's length away from me as I went into the long grass! I soooooo could have caught it if Mum hadn't been so blimmin quick to tell me to 'leave it' and to snatch me back on my lead! Huff! Mum didn't actually see it, but she says, from the noise it made, that it was something called a pheasant. Well, if she hadn't been so quick, I might have got to meet him properly and find out! Hufffff!

We made it back though - via the pavement along the big nasty road then the little shop in the village. Mum was pleased with me for 'good work'. She said I deserved my big carrot today! mmmmmm....

Now, I have changed from work bra to relax bra and Mum has found and attached my megalong lead. She says it gives me freedom to chill out without wandering off......I don't know what she thinks I would need that for....... I wouldn't dream of wandering off...... oooh! That river looks very tempting........ Oh......OK......I shall content myself with a snooze on the grass..

Photo of me sitting on a steep grassy bank wearing my blue harness with 50' bright yellow lead attached.

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