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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

All Meeted and Greeted Out...

Visits and visitors. That has been the order of today!

First of all though, Daddy once again abandoned me. I am sure he is making a big mistake every morning. I'm certain he is shutting the door sooner than he means to. Surely he doesn't intend to leave me on the INside when he goes out. At least he doesn't seem to stay gone for very long. I survived his absence again this morning. When he came back, he changed his fursubstitutes and had his brekkie, then I took Mummy workywalkies around to the other side of town. Then Daddy came and picked us up in the car. We went a little way to a huge humanbigpuppyclasses place. Mum says it was called Newbury College. Inside we met a ladyhuman, Naomi, we know from church. She took us to a room where we meeted and greeted some very special humans. Each one of them had a workyperson with them. Some of them stayed away a bit from me and some came to fuss me. I just instinctively knew that they needed my gentle loves. They didn't do any yacketying like most humans do but I don't need that! I just know how to be with them. One yound ladyhuman sat down on the floor with me and gave me some glorious belly tickles! I did eventually have to roll back the right way up though. We couldn't stay forever! Naomi took us back to the 'find the way out' doors and we got back into the car.

Next visit was to a shop with another nice fuss-giver ladyhuman workyperson inside. This was good because the shop had no enticing smells in it. Just rolls and rolls and rolls of all sorts of different fursubstitute stuff.

I then had to guide Mum aaaaallll the way through to the other side of town again - to the bestest shop in the world. AND Mum let me lead her inside! We met a nice ladyhuman in there who yacked with Mum about food for me. Then she gave me a yummy big biccie. (with Mum's permission first). The food came from a white cold cupboard.

Upon return home to our floatyboatyhome, Mum put two blocks of that food into the white very cold cupboard and one into a box on the worktop. She said it needed to thaw out. I got a yummy big carrot for my goodboywork.

A short while later our first visitor arrived aboard. It was Graham from the boat that we used to live alongside. Greetings over, I just snoozed while the inevitable yacketying went on.

The next visitors were much more exciting though. One in particular: Lilly the golden labrador from another floatyboatyhome. Oh....and her humanmum and humandad Sue and Andy. I think I did greet the humans but Oooooooh.....it was lovely to have a fellow pooch to share my water bowl. Of course, aboard a narrowboat, there isn't much room to romp or play but we did manage some kanoodling!

Mum sitting on a chair behind me, lying on the floor in the room in Newbury College.

Delicious bellytickles from Naomi and the very special bellytickler young ladyhuman.

More bellytickles from that young ladyhuman plus a young manhuman who plucked up courage to come and tickle me too.

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