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Monday, 3 April 2017

Oh Wait - THIS is what I do bestest!!!

Woohoo! The Lockmaster-Towpath-Awesome-Twosome back in action! Back where we belong, doing what we are meant to be doing! Yayyyyyy!

We have left the boatymendyplace. We have cruised. Not far....but far enough to have had a good workywalkies and to have found a wonderful mooring beside a field, away from roads. Our favourite kinda place! I megalove this kinda mooring coz I get to relax out on the towpath where I can give my waggy greetings to every passer by - and I may just get to have a play with some passing pooches too!

Photo shows Mum and me at Aldermaston Lock. I am standing up on my hind legs with my front paws up on the lock beam. Mum is standing behind me giving me fuss.


  1. So pleased to see you are all on the move - just in time for some sunny weather.

    1. We have done what we do best! We are back in Newbury for now, but Mum says that we should start cruising properly from June!