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Monday, 24 April 2017

What a Busy Day...

Home again!

It has been quite a day leading up to getting back to our floatyboatyhome though!

First - breakfast in the humankennelblock, then bag packing followed by workywalkies along the pawmenade to that big indoor puddle where Rosie works. Apparently Mum and Dad were there to watch microhuman Hallie having something called a swimming lesson. I didn't get to see. Instead I had to stay with some nice workyhumans in the office. I got to keep their paws warm under their desks. I rather suspect this is another example of doggy superiority - we don't need lessons to learn to swim - we just splash in and get on with it!

Next came a ride in our old car, which now seems to be Rosie's car. I had to share the back seat with Hallie! I was safe though she was securely strapped into a bra that held her in her seat, and she went to sleep soon after we started moving. Phew! We went to Rosie's house where I got to have a good sniff around while Mum and Dad did some 'chores' to help Rosie, who was sitting on the sofa with Hallie still asleep on her. I was safe again!

After that, we went again to visit Papa, where Dad did something with that little box with human voices inside it. Apparently it is to keep Papa safe now that Nanny isn't there to look after him. It seems that if he pressed a little button, those voices inside the box call for neenaw help if he needs it. I just kept myself occupied by hoovering the carrot trimmings he had saved for me! Yummmm!

Next stop was another house where Dad did some yacketying with two other manhumans. There was hissing furball food in a little bowl on the floor but meanie Mummy wouldn't let me near it! Huff! We didn't stay there long and the next stop was fandabbydoozy!

As we drove into the car park, I remembered where we were and this squeak kind of rose up from inside me! Yippppeeee! Lancing Manor Park! A freerun! All the way up the steep hill-field and into the woods called Lancing Ring! It was glorious sniffing territory! And I found a couple of passing buddies to play briefly with.

That was just what I needed before the long journey home to our floatyboat. I was ravenous when we arrived. It was waaaaayyyyy past my dinnertime! I usually have my dinner when the tickydisk says 5.30 but it was nearly 6.30 when we arrived. I just about managed to survive long enough to get aboard the boat!

Now: Sofasnuggles with Mummy.......aaaaaand......relax!

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