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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fun Fun Fun! Doing what I do bestest!

Yaahayy! That's better! I'm proper pooped now - and for all the right reasons!

I've taken Mum on workywalkies on new territory again. This included going to church in a new place. Same familiar humanfriends but new, bigger building. This meant that I not only had to look after Mum on the streets outside, but also inside the new building too. We did it though! I did good! I got yummies to prove it - and Mum sat on the floor during the yacketying bit of church so I got cuddlesnuggles!

I then workywalkied Mum around Sainsbury's - once again, if it hadn't been for my blimmin noseband, I could have snaffled a big juicy lump of meat! Humph!

Then came the bestest bit of the day: A BIG FREERUN! YAYYYYY! Greenham Common! That meant fantabulous huge spaces for zoomies and games of chase with passing pals, plus LOADS of huge puddles to wade through! At one point I got to combine all of the fun things - a passing pal who just happened to be a young pup girlie who did zoomies with me, played chase and waded in and out of a huge puddle at high speed with me! Lilly the collie x kelpie was a fab playmate! We both did quite a good job of getting humans nicely soggy too. That was just a bonus!

I then got a picnic tea before making the floor of another church soggy in the patch where I snoozed through the human howling and yacketying.

Now, sofasnuggles to dream it all through again. Mum kindly shove over a bit and give me room to thrash my paws about properly as I relive all that fun!

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