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Friday, 7 April 2017

I Lost my Piggy!

7 miles workywalkies. 9 locks. 4 swingbridges. 1 swimming session with a passing choccy lab (she was having way too much fun without me - I simply had to go join in!). Plenty of meetings and greetings of humans and doggypals. A few sessions of chilling out on the grass. Now I am absolutely compooperated. Mum says I need to muster some energy for a download in a minute. Let me think about that one........Nope! Can't be bothered!

It has been a fabtabulous day! Even my grunty pink pig went for a swim......down the back of a lock gate! Oops! Thanks for rescuing him Daddy! He does look a bit bedraggled now and Mum has banished him to the roof until he can be put in the frothymonster machine - hoooooowwwwllllll! Poor gruntypig!
Photo of me - absolutely sparko on the sofa - my head has slid backwards off of Mum's leg and I am squidged between Mum and the back cushion of the sofa.

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