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Sunday, 9 April 2017

An Under-Table Day!

I have been under the table for quite a lot of today! Well...different tables actually!

This morning, we set off in the car to a church in Reading. There, Mum did a whole load of yacketying using one of those lollipops with a long tail. Dad was doing clicketyfingersing to make pictures of me appear on a big white wall. There were lots of humans there listening - many of them sitting in wheelieseats. Our boaty humanfriends, John and Barbara were there too. I curled up under the table to keep Dad's back paws warm.

Next, we all went into a different room where I was under another table while they all munched their lunch. I got to do a bit of hoovering at the end! Yummm!

No tables in the next bit of the day - just a big park! Yippeeeee! There were lots of very noisy big whirly-around-up-and-down things and swingy things and fly-up-high things and humans were riding on them all! Dad disappeared off into the midst of all that cocophany with his one-eyed-clickybox. I took Mum for a wander around the trees - that was much more civilised! When we reunited with Dad he took over my job and so I got to explore the trees and woods properly. Afterwards, we walked back to the car and Dad fumbled around in his bag and his pockets, then we all went back to the noisy place. We then spent quite a while wandering around in circles - in and out between all the twirlers and flyers and other things. Mum yipped to a ladyhuman inside a kind of circle-pen thing with lots of yellow things with hooks on their heads. Then we went to a big kiosk. The manhuman inside there, after a bit of yipping, handed over Dad's shinysticktags. Then we went back to the car again - this time, we got in and rode back to our floatyboatyhome!

After my dinner and a bit of a bone-gnawing session, we went out again. This time it was for a nice long workywalkies around Newbury. Then I had another under-the-table session! I just snoozed down there while a set of humans did all sorts of things up on a big high floor at the front. There were lots of tables with lots of humans sitting around them and, at the end, they all banged their front paws together. That meant it was time to workywalkies all the way home again!

No table to lie under now - just my sofa bed - night night!

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