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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Broken Collar...

Heehee! I may just have snuck in a quick dip in the river on the way to church this morning. I am not entirely convinced Mum was absolutely overjoyed with me - but it was fun!

You see, we went early with Dad in the car. He had to go early to get set up with his dumdumdum-longnecked- longwhiskered-noise stick thing. Rather than hanging around while he did all that, I took Mum on a lovely workywalkes. We went off around the block, but then discovered that 'find the bin' led on to a twitten into a park. Well....that was a pleasant discovery! And we had time to kill.....so......I did my bestest 'sit' with my bestest 'please Mummy' look. It worked! She removed my harness and lead and I got to 'Go play'. Well, I successfully lulled her into a false sense of security by sticking close by for a few minutes.....but then.....that river just forced me in for a paddle.....ahem! Well....it would have been rude not to check it out wouldn't it? I didn't go all the way in .... not quite....only half way up .....only my belly was wet.....Ooooh! it was just labrador spa facilities! I had to do it!

I did do my best to dry off by having a superb game of chase with Chewbacca the Labradoodle x lurcher. He was super fast and bouncy and great fun. Sadly, the fun had to end when it was time to take Mum back to the church service and Chewy had to go home. Huff! It was good while it lasted though. I was almost dry by the time I had to lie down through all the human howling.

Next came a short car ride back to the boat, but we didn't stay there - only long enough for Dad to put away his dumdumdumstick and for Mum to visit the spending room. Then we set off on a mega workywalkies. It was great! I got to strut my stuff right the way to the other side of town - then all around a huge big building. That was a bit boring - nothing edible to find - but I did get to pop in a couple of power naps on carpets while Mum and Dad gazed around. Then came the long workywalkes back again across town - but not yet back home! We went to a human yummyery instead. I didn't get any yummies but I was glad of the bowl of water that the nice ladyhuman brought for me! I sloshed that quite successfully across the floor! Heehee!

The final workywalkes brought us back to our floatyboatyhome and a good bone-munching session!

I just took Mum out again - just outside for a wee. That would have been a rather mundane little outing if it hadn't been for my collar breaking! That gave me a few moments to go running to the manhuman who was there. At least, I started to run towards him, but then, just as Mum called me back, I noticed that he was using a squirtysnake to squirt the grass. I ran back to Mum. She thought I was being super obedient so I got a treat and a 'good boy to come back'. I think that yummy was much more appealling that the squirtysnake!

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