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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Freerun! Boy oh Boy!!!!

Workywalkies into town. Red-&-white-stripeyshop open! Yayy! I got a bone! Mum also got some mouth-drip-provocation too but she wouldn't let me check it out!
Long car ride.
Debbi and Ryan's huge garden.
My huge bone.
Two huge carrots.
A freerun on Hounslow common.

A good day methinks!

During the freerun Debbi yelped. A long, thin wiggly stick slithered off into the long grass. Mum wouldn't let me investigate. We left that area rather quickly. The rest of the freerun was great though. Hounslow Common is huge. Loads of weemail hubs to connect with!

4 photos.
Two of me enjoying my freerun on Hounslow Heath
Two of me enjoying my huge bone in Debbi & Ryan's huge garden.

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