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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bang Pops.

Thank goodness for workywalkies! I have been really glad to take Mummy out today for a few little outings.

The first one this morning was into town to a couple of shops, then back again. On the way we met some humanfiriends that we used to know in Worthing. That gave me a long time to lie down on the pawmenade while inevitable human yackety-yacking went on.

When we got back to our humankennelblock room, Mum did something really weird: She got out a kind of pointed table thing, laid fursubstitutes on it and then stroked them with a hot shiny-bottomed pointed thingy with a tail that she stuck into the wall! I got out of the way. I didn't fancy being stroked with that!

Next, I got groomed to within an atom of total baldness, then got wiped all over with a damp strokycloth, then my teeth got super scrubbed with a yummy minty whiskerstick. Then I got a new collar. I was exhausted with all this pampering!

After a bit of a snooze time, on went my harness and lead. Great! I thought. Walkies! I thought. Well, I was wrong! We just went next door into another part of the humankennelblock. In there, we found lots of humanfriends, all wearing very smart fursubstitutes. We did a lot of waiting around and the humans did a lot of yacketying of course. I managed to do quite a lot of getting fussed and admired! After a while, we all went very slowly into a big room where there were rows of seats all covered in white with blue and pink twiddlyfluffs wrapped around them. Shortly after we all got settled, a ladyhumanfriend, Ann, came in and walked down the middle of the rows of seats. She was wearing a white fursubstitute. She stood at the front with Pete, a manhumanfiiend. Another lady did some yacketying, Pete put a tag on Ann's pawpointer and they rubbed muzzles.

Everyone then drifted out into the big garden and Dad pointed his one-eyed-clickybox at various combinations of groups of humans. Towards the end of it all I had to lead Mum to the groupe being clicked. Apparently it was very funny that I sat down with my back towards Daddy! I just wanted to watch for the best options for fusses in this crowd! I know what Daddy's clickybox looks like! Why would I want to watch that?!!

Throughout all of this and onwards for the rest of the proceedings, Daddy was very busy with his one-eyed-clickybox.

The rest of the day was spent in another room where there was lots of humans drinking loads of stinkywater of various colours, from various shaped bowls - some on sticks, some not. Some of the stinky water had little dots going upwards inside it. Mum let me sniff it. I was NOT impressed! It made my nose explode! I took Mummy for a very necessary download workywalkies around the block, followed by a quick visit to our room to get my dinner. When we got back into the very busy room, some of the workyhumans got some bottles and made them go bang pop. That was really scary and I hid in a corner. Mum then asked Dad to take me to our room in the kennelblock for a while to chill out a bit. I was glad of that! Mum was worried that I would be really scared when everyone let off something called partypoppers. I think she was right. I really don't like bangs or pops! They are super scary and make me go all shaky!

I am sure I missed out on loads of noshing because, when Mum and Dad came to get me again and I went back into the big room I found a few morsels to hoover under the table! That was good and I was glad to be able to lie down under the table where it was a bit quieter. There was a lot of loud boomboomdingdinging coming from some huge boxes, along with lots of flashing lights. I was OK in my undertable cave, but I was happy to escort Mum out when she was struggling with all the bright flashes.

It was all great to meet and greet so many humans and the bit of hoovering was worth doing. I was definitely glad of the breaks to go workywalkies with Mum and very pleased to take Daddy for a leisure walkies after it all. That was a well appreciated unwind.

Now....Mummy......I know you have treats in that box .....I have been good aaaaaalllll day.........I wuv you Mummy.......I am sitting very nicely now .......If I wag my tail and lick my chops will you please open that box? Please? Pretty please? ......Thank you! Yummmmmm........
Me with Ann, Pete and Mum, all in posh fursubstitutes. inside one of the big rooms.

Me sitting next to Ann with a group of humans outside in the garden.

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