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Saturday, 22 April 2017


Yippeeeee! I've set paws on Worthing Beach! Only briefly - and on harness - but it felt so good to have those wobbly pebbly things under my paws again.

It has been a long day - first of all - visitors aboard our floatyboatyhome. That, for me, just meant an extra snooze time while human yacketying went on. Then Daddy disappeared for a while. Apparently he was going to play with some huge toy called a doubledecker. I took Mummy workywalkies into town. When we got back, Daddy was still missing but Mummy got on with some choppy peely stuff in the kitchen. I watched very carefully. She got carrots out of the cold white cupboard. I think she made a mistake though: she put them on the worktop instead on into my bowl. When she did that thing where she scrapes little strips off of them, she did the most despicable thing: She put those yummy strips on the floor! Well! How terrible was that? I gave her my most disgusted sideways glare! That got the situation rectified: She picked them up and dutifully gave them to me one at a time using her pawpointers. Much more satisfactory service! I don't know WHAT she could have been thinking!

Lunch munched, it was time, it seemed, to pack the packed bags into the car. I took the opportunity to dash out to meet my buddy Bella the staffie x labrador neighbour. I kind of get the impression that was not the right thing to do! Dad loaded me into the car and shut me in while he and Mum finished loading everything else in! Hufffff!

This evening's workywalkies made up for it though. It was great to be back on old familiar but long since visited territory......even if I didn't get to explore the beach properly! Mum needed me as it was dark!

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