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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lot's of Mini-Humans!

Two freeruns! Now that's what I call a day off! YayyyHayyy!

Actually, I did have to do a little bit of workywalkies this morning. Only a little bit though. i had to take Mum to breakfast in the humankennelblock. There were some of the people there from yesterday's gathering. Of course, I didn't get anything but it was nice lie under the table and keep some human paws warm! I also had to guide Mum into church: the one we used to go to every week when we lived here in Worthing. It was great to meet n greet so many old humanpals. After that, my work was done!

We went back to the humankennelblock but I stayed in the car while Mum & Dad zipped in quickly. They came back with some colourful parcels. Next stop was my first freerun!

We arrived in a car park which made my squeaks escape! I just couldn't contain them! I knew where we were! Rotary Park was a favourite play venue. It was great to revisit today. I even got a couple of brief plays in with passing pooches, including a group of four little tine narrowdogs. Little sausages on tiny legs!

After that very welcome burst of zoomies and loonying around, we went to Rosie and James's house. My first duty was, of course, to hoover the hissing furball's foodbowl! That done, I then realised I was surroundded by microhumans! EEEEEEEKKKKK! There were about six of them! That was scary - but then I noticed that three of them were sitting in those chairs on sticks. That meant there was some serious hoovering duty to be done underneath! I got myself quite a feast! Yummmmmy! These little people are actually quite tasty to follow around - even the ones that weren't contained in chairs were worth following - they were very good at leaving trails of edibles as they moved around!

It seemed that the whole gathering was to do with Hallie, my little human-niece. Something to do with her having a One Day. She spent quite a bit of time ripping colourful flappies off of various things. I tried to join in by ripping a colourful square flappy that was beside Mum's plate. Apparently that wasn't the right thing to do! Oops! Apparently that particular flappy was meant to be used to wipe pawpointers and faces!

I did get to enjoy a chill out time with Mum in the garden while the microhumans were all occupied. That was nice.

After that, we moved on to Papa's home where I got my dinner. I seem to think I was a bit short changed with that. I'm sure there was less in my bowl than usual. Mum said something about all the sausages and other extras I had munched through the afternoon. I think that was mean! Those sausages all needed to be removed from the floor. They weren't really food! Huff!

After a lie down, waiting for Dad to finish installing some squawkybox thing for Papa. (That squawkybox made some strange noises when Papa pressed a button - then a human seemed to be yacking from inside it!), we set off in the car again. This time, the destination, made my squeak even squeakier! Brooklands park! Wayhayhayhayhay! I was sooooo happy! When I leapt out of the car, my paws bounceded me around in crazy circles! Heeheehee! Not only was it a great freerun, but a game of fetch the ball too. Fab fun! Then I met a fantabulous playmate. His name was Merti. A choccy lab same size as me. That meant it was MY party time! Zoomies and rollies and chasies and rompies galore! Merti and I were a superb match for each other. We wore ourselves out good and proper! We ended up having to have a lie down on the cold grass for a while!

I think I can declare that as a pretty good day off!
Me lying down on a pink quilt beside Mum in Rosie's garden.

Me having a lie down with Merti.

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