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Friday, 2 June 2017

I Found the Way, Buttttt.....

"Get the button". I did. A quick 'hup-touch' and that button dispenses a yummy! It seems I was being watched! People on the pavement opposite cheered and banged their paws together, and a ladyhuman leaned out of her car window and says "That is bloody amazing!"

I was only doing my job!

Shame the button made us wait so blimmin long before it stopped all the vroomers to let us go across the road!

When we got into town where all the flappy-white-walled shoppy things were, Mum asked me to find the yummy truck. I knew exactly what she meant; the big black lorry with all the big red lumps on it - all up far too high to allow me to select my choice. Mum bought chicken and gammon but wouldn't let me 'help' her to put it into her bag. She told me to get my shnozzle out of it! Hufffff!

I then had to guide her all the way through town, under the tunnel, then across another set of crossings. More 'get the button' yummies! More waiting forever. Then Mum said "Find the way". I found the way - straight to the door of Pets at Home. "Not today. Straight on".......But.....but.....I FOUND THE WAY! HARRRRRRUUUMPHH!

At least I found Jerry's checkout in Lidl's - I like Jerry's ear-tickles!

This evening, humanfriends David and Carole came aboard our floatyboatyhome for the inevitable yacketying and noshing. They brought me a carrot! I saved it until they were going but it was yummycrunchy! Thank you. I like visitors that come armed with edibles!

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