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Sunday, 4 June 2017

I Think I'm in Love!

Mummy's bark has gone all growly! Sometimes the bark and the growl disappear altogether and she just kind of squeaks in a husky strange way. That did mean that she couldn't yell to me when I was lured away by a passing pooch pal! Oops! Uncle Henry from our next door floatyboatyhome came after me though. I didn't get very far! Huff!

This morning I workywalkiesded Mum and Dad to a big pointy building called Saint Nic's. I had my own private little cubbyhole to curl up in at the end of the wooden seat-box. I stayed snoozing there through all the humanhowling and yacketying. Mum's howling was really deep and butch then! She sounded more like a manhuman! Most odd!

The rest of the day has been a mixture of snoozing, walking and socializing. This afternoon, there was a whole load more humanhowling in the park. This, for me, was a snooze on the grass interspersed with watching passing pooch pals and a few butt sniffs as some passed close enough.

This evening was great though: I got to have a fantabulous game of chase with Lilly (little yellow lab who lives on the bright green floatyboatyhome). We took it in turns to play leader and chaser with a big stick we found together. Lilly is little but she is whizzy! I had to put my super zoomies on to keep up with her! I think I'm in love..........Lilly is my bestest pal.......

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