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Friday, 2 June 2017

New Friends!

Sausages! I got sausages! Yyummmmmmscrummmmmmy!

I took Mummy workywalkies to just the other side of the canal. This is longer walk than it sounds because we can't walk on water. We have to go along the towpath, up the twirly slope, over the bridge and back around on the other side. We went into the little yummyery and upstairs. In there, we found all of our human floatyboatyfriends. I snoozed in the corner while they all munched bacon butties and sausage butties, and did ooooooodles of yacketying. One or two of those sausages (ahem) fell my way! Heehee!

Those sausages were just the nourishment I needed for the long workywalkies that followed - around town, through town, up the hill and then back through the park. Mum was having a bad eyes day so I did my duty and looked after her. Even when we were going through the park, she kept to the path and let me enjoy a bit of a freerun (thanks Mum!), but I still stayed close to her and kept an eye on her. When she was walking near a rough bit of ground, I came alongside and gave her leg a little nuzzle just to warn her to be careful. I didn't want to have to deal with a tumbling Mummy today!

That was a really nice long walkies. Just right for a couple of hours snooze back aboard our floatyboatyhome. After that, we all went out again. A wander along the towpath and over the rattly bridge led us to the car. A bit of a roundabout ride, via a couple of brief stops for Dad to collect some things, we arrived at the big Bus of Hope. Then my tail went a bit berserk! The carbumdoor opened for me and there was Ryan and Debbi! I may just have gone a tad loopy! Heeeheeee!

We all got on the bus and I got my picnic tea. Then Dad drove it to a place called Thatcham Skate Park. There we met some other humanfriends, left the bus with them and went walkies again. Debbi, Ryan, Dad, Mum and me that was - not the other humanfriends. We walked through familiar streets and found another yummyery (very close to where we had moored last week). After lying on the grass under the table while more human noshing went on. Then I got to say hello to a little Labrador Puppy called Luna and then an growed up labrador called Bella. We Labs can't resist greeting!

Workywalkies again took us all back to the bus, then we rode back to the car, which then got us back to Newbury, Then it was just the little walkies over the rattly bridge again and home along the towpath.

Phew! I think I need my sofasnugglesnooze tonight!

Two photos:
Me with little Luna - 15 week old black lab.

Me with Bella the growed up black lab.

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