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Monday, 5 June 2017


EEEEEEKKK! A whole ocean of minihumans! That was this morning's 'adventure'......

I took Mummy workywalkies to the little Stone Building across the canal. All our floatyboatyfriends were there for a brief while of human yacketying. Then we set off in Henry's car. That meant I got to ride on the back seat where my poochpal Bess usually rides. It was just Henry, Mum and me. We went to a minihuman training block.

After a little wait in the entrance hall area, we went into a big hall. Aaaaallll the minihumans came in, in long snaky lines. They were all wearing the same fursubstitutes. I guess that means they must all be the same breed, like all black labradors have the same fur.......

Anyway, Mum and I waited at the front while Henry got some of the little people to stand up in the middle where there should have been a clear space. He then got two more of them to sit with their back paws together and their legs across the aisle. I then had to guide Mum up the edge of the hall, around them all and back down the middle aisle. It seems these piles of humanpups were there to try to test me. I had to demonstrate how I guide Mummy around such obstacles. No problem! I just led her around the standing up huddle, then stopped at the 'paws together' pair so Mum could work out how to step over them as I hopped over too. They were all very impressed.

Mum and Henry did a whole load of yacketying while I laid down to be admired. At the end, all the minihumans banged their front paws together before getting up and leaving. Quite a lot of them though, stayed and fussed me. I rolled over and showed them my best side!! Actually all those little front paws made a rather nice belly rub together!

Henry drove his car back again, but I workywalkiesded Mum all the way back, via a shop. We have spent the rest of the day snoozing in the dry - away from the very leaky sky.

Mum is still a bit growly and barky but not as bad as yesterday.

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