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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Phew! What a Day!

"Giddup horsey" That's what the minihuman said as she tried to climb onto my back. Just previous to that, Mum had ushered me away from all the yummies that this minihuman had been scattering all over the floor of the shoppyplace. I was miffed not to get to do the hoovering but I was very glad Mum didn't let her carry on trying to ride me. The ladyhuman who was with this little 'cherub' was busy the whole time tippetytapping on her talkybone. I think my mummy was a bit miffed. I could feel it!

Mum asked the little pup to stop climbing on me and explained that I am not a horse but a working dog who is doing a very important job. She called Mum a 'horridble lady' and ran away. Phew! I thought! But it wasn't over yet; A few minutes later, we met again with them both. The ladyhuman said something like 'Sorry but she really loves animals and is a bit bored today'. Then the little puplet gave my Mummy a big smack on the bum then pulled my tail before running off out of the shop. That tug made me growl! I didn't mean to be scary but it just escaped from me! I don't like having my tail touched and a hard tug is definitely not welcome!

The rest of our epic trip was largely uneventful - apart from getting lost a few times. Well - Mum was lost. I was just following her directions. I think she was trying to take directions from her talkybone but it wasn't being very helpful. We did eventually get to the right places. It was a huge big adventure day though! Workywalkies to Newbury bus station, a looooong bus ride to Reading, then lots of workywalkies around various bits of the outskirts of Reading to find various shops. One was called The Range where I found a very good aisle but Mum wouldn't let me linger to investigate the shelves! They were laden with all sorts of yummies for doggies! Hufff! The minibeastiehuman was in a shop called Hobbycraft. in between the minihuman assaults, I did a lot of lying down in there while Mum did a huge amount of that browsing thing.

It was all rounded off with another long workywalkies back to the bus stop and then a megamegalong bus journey home. It was all stoppy-starty for a long bit of it so it took much longer than it should have done. This meant that I was eating myself from the inside when we got back! It was nearly two hours past my dinnertime! I think I just about staggered back across the field to our floatyboatyhome to get my nosh!

Sofasnuggles now very very welcome! Phew! What a day!

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