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Friday, 30 June 2017

Tumble Home!

Getting old! Harrumph! I don't think so! How very rude indeed!

We have been assessed. The Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor (Obey Me Or Else) came! Well...two of them actually! They're ganging up on us! Haha! Actually, it was a manhuman called Wayne and a ladyhuman OMOE in training. They were very nice humanpeoples!

This morning, I took Mum out for a play on the field. It was great! She did a lot of telling me to 'sit' 'lie down' 'stay' 'come' and then, when I did all that I got yummies! I also got a good game of ball-launcher fetch too. I was totally good and totally devoted to Mummy (well.....the yummies anyway), but, when a bouncy little cockerpoopuppy came along I simply had to show him the way into the stream didn't I? It would have been neglectful for me to not teach him something so vital! I'm somehow not entirely convinced that Mum was all that impressed with my teaching skills! Heehee! Oops! It got me a good towelrub session though!

Shortly after game-over, visitors arrived. This was the OMOEs. I greeted cheerfully then retreated politely to under the table. Two hours of yacketying went on - all about me! OMOE Wayne was asking all about the beastiebrute that attacked me a little while ago. It seems there are no real concerns as long as I don't get cross with other dogs. After all this pretending to snooze while they yacked (they think I wasn't listening.....), it was out time! Yippee! The OMOEs walked across the field with us and then pretended to go the opposite way to us. They really think I'm daft don't they? I knew they were following us, but I didn't let on. I did my job for a good workywalkies around some back streets and then through town and back to the park. That's when the bestest bit happened! My buddy Harley arrived! A freerun with a colleague is the bestestest! We had a fab few minutes of hooning about together! Wayyhaaayyy!

I even got to freerun all the way back to floatyboatyhome. That meant I got the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my swimming skills. I wizzed over to the slopy-into-the-river bit and sploshed in. OMOEs didn't come to watch! Huff! Mum didn't seem over delighted with me either.

I have a sneaking suspicion I heard something about a return visit to work on obedience and recall.......Uh-oh!

In all the yacketying there was stuff about me slowing down. That was when OMOE Wayne said I am getting towards being old! I'm 6 and a half! Middle aged at most! He said something about a bit less mileage. Hmmmmm not sure what I this..... I did like the bit where he said that I am in good shape and condition though!

I must have done alright. I got a yummy new bone to enjoy gnawing whilst lying out relaxing on the grass.

This evening, I took Mummy around the park so I could download. There was a manhuman wobbling all over the place as he tried to cross the field. He was wobbling in all sorts of ziggyzaggies and tumbles and rollings. He wobbled all the way to the boat beside us and kind of tumbled onto it, then laid there on the back deck making all kinds of strange blurred rumblings and grumblings. Then he kind of wobbled up again and got the door open, then tumbled inside. Mum was a bit concerned about him but he seemed to say he was OK. He had a funny little white stick in his mouth and it smelled really odd.....

Photo of me lying in longish grass, very relaxed with a marrowbone between my front paws.

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