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Saturday, 24 June 2017


Mummy is so mean! There was serious hoovering duty to be done in Wilko's this morning and she wouldn't let me do it! There was a very loud, shouty, wizzyabout minihuman in there who was throwing yummies at me. This minihuman seemed to appear at just about every turn we took and was carrying a bag full of something Mum called 'Pic n mix sweets'. Apparently it was hilarious to throw them at me! It provoked great hysterical shrieks and squeals, especially when I got a direct hit from one of the missiles. I did manage to snaffle a couple of the chewy gooey things. They were really rather tasty! It seems that Mum was less impressed though.

Before we went into Wilko's, we met Pauline outside. She stopped us to say hello. She is normally INSIDE Wilko's! We didn't recognise her in the wrong place! It was nice to have a little fuss from her!

After the avalanche of forbidden yummies, Mum asked me to 'find the checkout'. I did, but there was a long queue. We waited patiently. After a few moments, I spotted a ladyworkyhuman opening the cage door from across another checkout. Mum had no idea this was happening. I gave her a hefty tug on harness and dragged her to be first in line for the new checkout! I got some good praise for that - and she called me Smartybum again!

That workywalkies was a 4 and a bit miler in and out and around the town, then back home again. The rest of the day has been a lovely chillout time. I have spent most of it sofasnuggling with Mum while she did some strange thing; she had a pad of floppy rectangles, a tray with round disks of all colours on it, and some little sticks with tufts on the ends, plus a see-through little bowl of water. She kept dipping the tuftysticks (one at a time) into the water, then rubbing it on the coloured disks, then stroked the floppy rectangle with it. It left marks all over the surface. She says she is making the most of a good eyes day. All very odd, but the sofasnuffle time was lovely!

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