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Monday, 19 June 2017

Silly Mummy Again!!!

"All clean and smart!" said Mum after a long grooming session. Well I soon sorted that out! Very shortly afterwards it was time to set off out. Well, as I told you last night, that means 'freerun' first - all the way across the big park. On the way is a lovely bit of river accessed via a lovely muddy slippybank. Well.....I was hot after jogging across the field.......Heehee!

Mum had to harness me up all soggy! Oops! It was only a short workywalkies to the car. A car ride was quite pleasant with the windows all open and the cool wooshy air coming through. The destination was great! a really cool big builiding - one of those with lots of big rooms with rows of seats and a big picture wall with huge humans on it moving around. I didn't really take much notice of the big wall. I just enjoyed the lie down in the lovely cool - and the hoovering of all the little crunchy clouds. Yummy!

The return journey was pretty much the whole thing in reverse - except it stopped before the repeated grooming. Mum says that soggy fur is not very groomable.

This evening, after my dinner, we set off out again. This time Mum was a meanie and made sure I couldn't take a cooling dip! Humph! It was a workywalkies to town where we met up with humanfriends. So that meant a snooze under the yummyery table. On the way back, we called in to my buddy Bess's floatyboatyhome. When Henryhuman opened the door, out came not only Bess but also Lilly, my girlie-lab-buddy! Oh what joy! there was much tail wagging.

We didn't stay to play for long, but I did have a brief play with Dudley, a passing terrier buddy. I then just 'happened' (ahem) to end up in the river! I did my bestest to dry off by rolling thoroughly on the towpath. I get the impression that Mum wasn't too chuffed with my efforts. She made me go swimming again when we got back to our floatyboatyhome. She kept throwing my toys into the river so I had to go rescue them....over and over and over again. It all finished off with a delectable towelrub session!

2 photos:
1 of me playing with Dudley, the little black Patterdale Terror
2 me all covered in towpath dust - a thorough coating of pale greyish coloured dust, standing beside the river.


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