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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Love of my Life has Left me!!!

We have said bye-byes to almost all of our floatyboatyfriends today. The worst bit of this is that means no more Lilly playtimes in the park! Hoooooowwwwwwllllllll! Booooohoooooo!!!!!

So the day has been spent with several workywalkieses, an under-the-table time while Mum and Dad munched bacon and sausages.....Humph!, and a bit of snoozing. Our floatyboatyhome has moved a tiny way - Mum and Dad pulled it by it's tails!

One of the workywalkies outings was to a big building where we met with two manhumans who were wearing black and white fursubstitutes and had squawkyboxes on their shoulders. They were nice manhumans, they did good ear rubs! I got to snooze on the carpet while Mum yacked to them all about the nasty dog who beat me up on Friday. I'm OK now but it seems that these manhumans want to try ot make sure it doesn't happen to any other doggypals.

I've also taken Mum to Lidl's but she failed to follow my attempted guidance into Pets At Home on the way. I did get to clean up a spot of spilled yumminess from the floor in front of the chilly shelves with all the pots on them! I also found Jerry's checkout so got a bit of a fuss from him!

This evening, Daddy went out and left us, so I had to take Mummy for a nice long workywalkies around the big block - just for the pleasure of going walkies!

Now it is time for sofasnuggles and dreams of Lilly.......come back Lilly......please......I love you Lilly........

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