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Saturday, 10 June 2017

I was Attacked!!!

Eventful. I think that rather sums up today!

It all started off with a quiet little workywalkies to the little building across the canal. That meant a 'find upsteps, over the bridge, find downsteps' and then 'find the door and upsteps'. That was all fine. Carpet snooze time in the corner while all the humans did yacketying and human howling. The workywalkies back again was interrupted by a dash to 'under the bridge' when the sky started leaking really badly. A wait under the bridge meant we didn't get a soaking when we went 'upsteps' again.

Next came a loooooong workywalkies taking Mum along the towpath to Beeancue, then over the bridge and along more towpath before getting to the road and so on around the other end of town to Sainsbury's.

Once in there, the first port of call was the human spending room. The big one that I usually take Mum into, where I can fit in with her, was broken, so I had to take her into the 'ordinary' one. In there, I can't fit into that tiny cupboard where the spending bowl is, so I had to wait by the paw-frothing bowls. That was fine until Mum emerged from the cupboard and then the nasty huffyfuffy monster above started huffyfuffing all by itself! It blasted at me and made me jump! I scampered to the other side of the room by the door and sat down as tight against the door as I could get. Then the door opened and I got squished behind it! I was very glad to get out of there and to guide Mum around the shop. She did fail to allow me to take her to the best aisle though! Huff!

Most of the rest of the day has been spent wandering around on the towpath being admired and fussed, interspersed with a few bursts of lovely playtime with Lilly and a few other passing pooches. That was all lovely and very relaxed.

Then it all turned a bit horrid. I was leading Mummy (on lead not harness because this is all VERY familiar territory to her and because we were enjoying the relaxation) along the towpath towards our floatyboatyhome. There was a boat moored up between the park and the big noisy watersloshy bit (I think Mum calls it a wee-er). There was a big dog on the back deck who started barking all angry nasty at me as I approached with Mummy. The next thing I knew was that dog attacking me. It was really scary and nasty and a lot of my black fur went wafting across the towpath. I did try to defend myself a bit by barking back but it was all over in a flash. The manhuman from the boat had got hold of the nasty dog and got it off me. So I was able to take Mummy away to our safe floatyboatyhome.

Once safely aboard and with the doors closed, Mummy and I got on the sofa. I was all shaky and so was Mummy, but she used her pawpointers to feel me all over. Then we just had cuddles together for a while. Mum then tried to persuade me to come outside again, but I didn't want to. I wanted to stay on my safe sofa. After a little while, I had calmed down a bit but still didn't want to go out again. But then my little buddy, Lilly came onto our bow deck. I felt safe with her and we went and had a bit of a wander around the park together.

While we were doing that, Mum was using her talkybone. I think she was yacketying with someone from Guide Dogs HQ. Dad had borrowed a wheeliewizzer and gone zooming off down the towpath. Apparently he found the boat with the nasty dog and the manhuman aboard and he took photos.

As soon as he got back, we all went off in the car on a trip to the vet. She prodded me all over with her pawpointers, including in my mouth and ears. She found the ouchies inside my mouth. I have a cut on my tongue and on my lip. Apparently this means I am very fortunate. I think the yummies from the vet were VERY fortunate!

Mum was on her talkybone again telling someone called 'the po-leece' all about what happened. Apparently, the Guide Dogs HQ insisted she did this because an attack on a Guide Dog is very naughty.

We are all OK now. My mouth is a bit sore but that is all. Mum says this is miraculous!

This evening, we went to a pointy building where I got to snooze on the raised floor bit while Mum did oooooooodles of yacketying with a tiny lollipop stuck to her cheek! She was telling lots of people about how amazing I am! She also went on about how I have helped her to become the first ever Guide Dog Owner living aboard a floatyboatyhome. The bestest bit though was having a colleague to play with! Henry had brought his humanmum Karen along to hear Mum yack. Never mind the yacking - Henry and I had a fab time! We even got a little bit of a game of chase around all the chairs. Between us, we almost, very nearly, got to check out the yummies laid out on a table. Only almost though. Spoilsport humans caught us just a moment too soon! Harrrrumph!

Once we got back to home, I enjoyed a nice relaxed wander around Victoria Park before hopping aboard our floatyboatyhome for sofasnuggles. Much needed methinks.

2 photos of me lying on my back while the ladyvet checked me over. She did give some rather nice bellytickles!


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