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Thursday, 22 June 2017

What a Busy Day!

Mmmmmmnumnumnumnum! Mummy made me an ice lolly!

The day started with a serious grooming session - that had to mean that something was on the agenda. It also meant no fun in the river on the way across the park. Huff! It was workywalkies all the way! Actually, that is not a complaint really! I like my workywalkies......but across the park? Really? Well, it led on to a plod through town to meet Dad in the car. It was nice an cool in the car as Dad had the chillyfuffer going full blast. That was welcome! As was the drink of water Mum had for me.

We rode to a big car park, then workywalkied again around some big buildings. The same buildings where I took Mum a few days ago. This time, instead of me being the only Guide Dog there being meeted and greeted, there were loads of us! It was fabulous! I was the only working dog there. The others were all puppies in training. It was great fun! We all got to do a bit of kanoodling but Ellis, a 10month old giant black lab x retriever joined me after a while at my fussing-duty-station and we got to entertain all the humans with some serious ear-chewing and rolling around together. I rather like Ellis! I am sure I heard some mention that he lives in Newbury - and some mention of getting together for a freerun.........I blimmin well hope so.......

After a good admirations session, some other colleagues arrived - including my buddy Henry the big black fluffpot. He did bring his human charge, Karen with him so Mum got to do a bit of yacketying with her too! I suppose that is only fair! Shortly after they arrived though, we had to leave.

Dad dropped Mum and me off in town and I took her workywalkies into a few shops. We did seem to linger quite a while in the ones that had chillyfuffers huffing, but that was nice relief from the hot outside. When we then set off back to floatyboatyhome, Mum made sure we were walking on the coolest side of the pavement, where the shadows made the floor cooler. Then, when we reached the park, I got to freerun all the way back to home. I raced straight across to the nearest access point to the river and enjoyed a very lovely cooling dip.

When we got to the other side of the park and Mum opened up the doors and windows of the boat, she changed into some different fur substitutes and then joined me in the river! At last! She has some sense! It was lovely having Mum in the water with me. We stayed for quite some time so I was all swimmed out by the time we got out again. A snooze in the shade of the flappyroof that Henryhuman had put up was just the job!

After a little while, Mummy got a kind of oblong dish thing out of the chilly white cupboard and brought it out onto the grass. It was an Oakley-Icelolly! Yummylicious! It had loads of my treats in it but they were all locked inside hard water. I had to munch and crunch and lick loads at it to get them out! It was soooooo good!

This evening, I got to swim and chase and play with Lilly again. She came to visit, bringing her humans with her. I think the humans all gathered to eat. There was a stinky huffyhot thing puffing away and some rather yummy smells too. Lilly and I were way too occupied to bother much with all that though. I have to admit though, that I had to go seek the safe sanctuary of the floor at the back of home when the stinky huffyhot monster was puffing hard. I ventured out again when it calmed down.

Photo of me enjoying my ice lolly (blue oblong tray with treats frozen into ice).
 4 photos of today's meeting, greeting and admiration session at Vodafone HQ

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