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Thursday, 29 June 2017

FIVE Dogs???

A relaxing, lazy day after yesterday's mega adventure? Errrr......Nope! It has been nice though.

I took Mummy workywalkies to Specsavers to collect her new eyewindows. Then, after a brief wander in town, Dad picked us up in the car and we went off on a little drive. First we stopped at a familiar place by the canal where I got a brief sniff around while Dad filled up a big rolly barrel with water from a squirtysnake. Then it was back into the car for a bit more of a drive. When we stopped, we were in a car park by a pub. I took Mummy workywalkies again in this never-before-visited place. It was really nice to work in a completely new place. It was a walkies just for the pleasure of doing it! We only went up the road, across a bleepy crossing and back again down the other side of the road, but it was just good to be doing it. Mum was really pleased with me!

Next, humanfriends Enid, Peter, Nigel and Liz arrived in the car park and we all went inside for humanyummies. I laid under the table and kept some human-back-paws warm while they all munched and, of course, yacked....and yacked......and yacked.......

We returned to our floatyboatyhome again after that, but not for long. I allowed Mum to groom me then took her outside for a bit of a game of ball-launch fun on the field. As I ran to fetch the ball for the umpteenth time, I spotted humanfriends Ann and Pete coming towards me. My tail wagged itself silly! I haven't seen them for aaaaages! I may have got a bit carried away with my excitement and I .....errrr.....may have......err......ruined all Mum's efforts in grooming me! You see.....when my tail wags so hard, it makes my head waggle too......that means that I don't hear commands quite right.......I'm sure Mum said 'Don't keep out of the water'.......

Well.....it got me another good massage - this time with a towel! Heehee!

Dinner al-fresco was followed by another workywalkies into town to another human yummyery. The yummy-server-manhuman threw some big crunchy disks on the floor and they crumbled there. Well....I couldn't leave that mess unattended could I? I'm sure I heard them being called Poppadogs - that means they were meant for me surely?

At the next table a ladyhuman came and sat down and I knew that she needed me. She had a white cane. I managed to commando crawl nearer to her but couldn't quite get close enough. I just lay there keeping her within my watch. When it was time to get up, get harnessed and leave, I then got chance to meet and greet her. It turns out that she is a floatyboatyperson too! And I am sure I heard her say something about 5 dogs......I think I need to get to know her more......

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