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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Leaky Skies...

Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark......That's all I heard all night long! And it wasn't a fellow pooch. It was Mummy! I think she barked more last night than I have done in my whole lifetime! Then, this morning she simply didn't emerge from bed.

I had to take Daddy walkies instead. I did enjoy that - it included a fabbydabby game of chase with Lilly around the park. Heehee!

Mum seems to be barking a lot less now and I have taken her out a couple of times - once this afternoon for a while, just to the bench on the towpath by Victoria Park. This was great though. Mummy stayed there yacketying with our fellow floatyboatyfriends while I got on with the much more important business of another game of chase with Lilly and then more meeting, greetings and chasings with other passing pooch pals too. I think I could get used to this way of life!

After my dinner, I took Mummy on a nice but slightly soggy workywalkies along the towpath. I think her plan had been to go around the block to shop at Lidl's but the sky started leaking really badly when we got to Tesco's so I had to divert and guide her around there for the yummies instead. I found the carrots for me.....ahem....for Mum! That big chunky one was worth having when we got home again! Yummmmmy!

Now.....will you please excuse me......I have a new bone to work on.......

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