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Saturday, 17 June 2017


Swimming. Playing. Greeting buddies in my garden (well....OK it is the park but it is my garden while we live here!), Snoozing under a humanyummyery table. Meeting and greeting a new colleague on the block (huge yellow lab x retriever named Percy). A bit of workywalkies (some inside a nice cool Tesco). Playing. Playing. Swimming. Swimming. Swimming. And some more swimming.

It has been a fabbydabbyday! Did I mention I did some swimming?

Photos of my meetings, greetings, playings and swimmings in the river.
Me and Buddy the pointer swimming near the bushes.

One ball rescue underway!

Another ball rescue in action. Mum is so daft keeping on launching things into the water!

Another toy rescue. This time it was my orange three-ball-propeller thingy.

Dripping having rescued my ball yet again - this time I'm waiting to share it with another doggypal who is approaching.

Meeting and greeting Jimmy the fellow black lab.

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