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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Is There an Imminent Froth Attack?

Yackety-yackety-blimmin-yack! It took forever to go workywalkies this morning! I even tried to demonstrate to Mum the proper way to communicate; a group of five doggypals on the field - quick bum sniff each, an ear chew here and there and all done! Mum just failed completely to get that message. I had to stand there in full harness, just waiting patiently while the humans just yipped and yacked for aaaaaaages!

Finally, we got on our way, over the bridge, along the towpath, into town, across town, then along the towpath on the other side of town. There, we found our humanfriend Graham on his floatyboatyhome. Once again, Mum failed to remember my attempted lesson. Once again, I stood waiting. Then I lay down waiting, then I sat up waiting. Then I stood waiting.........even a session of singing the saddest song I could muster failed to get her moving!

Eventually, we set off on the rest of our long workywalkies. At least she allowed me to guide her into Pets At Home. But even that didn't go quite right. All we did was to go into the little room at the side where I got my froth attack once or twice before. Then we left. I rather suspect I now have a date with the froth-trough sometime soon......

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