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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Henry Thinks He's a Dog!

Park! Aaaaaalllll day! And Aaaaaallll evening too! I think maybe it was getting mugged! I've had a fab day to 'recover'!

It seems that Mummy was worse than me after yesterday's little incident. She visited the spending room quite a few times this morning and I found her one time with the wrong end over the bowl. She was kind of growling at it too! She is OK now though, and so am I.

Today has been full of gazillions of humans and quite a fair number of pooch pals too. The park was full! There were flappy-buildings and tables all over the grass and loads and loads and loads of people visiting all the floatyboatyhomes. One of the groups on the grass was a bunch of Guide Dogs people and a couple of my colleagues too! I got to kanoodle with Henry, Spring (a very bouncy puppy), Bobby and Harley. Ooooh! that was good! I needed that time with buddies.

It was a crazy day in a relaxed kind of way - mainly just wandering around with Mum getting fusses and loves while Mum did endless yacketying. There was a stinky puffy sizzly thing going on - a big box on legs that was huffing hot stuff into the air. I didn't like that and I tried to keep Mum away from it but she was most insistent. I think I might have rather liked the sausages and flat yummy disks that were sizzling on top of it! I didn't get to find out though. :(

After my dinner, I got to snooze on Aunty Carole and Uncle David's floatyboat. I snuck off to curl up in their bedroom while Mum and Dad noshed and yacketyied.

This evening has been fantabulous fun! I got to play ball and chase for ages with Lilly. Her humandad Andy is really good at throwing a ball a loooooong way! Lilly and I were both puffed out but couldn't help but keep going and going and going - running and running and running........Ooooooh! It was great fun! At one point Uncle Henry joined in too. He was daft enough to think that, if he got down on all fours with me, he could persuade me to give him my ball! No chance! Humans are useless on all fours! I could move a million times faster! It was funny seeing him trying though!

Photo shows me on a big grassy park area, next to a circular pond. I am standing, tail wagging, looking at Henry who is facing me, down on his hands and knees on the grass.

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