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Friday, 23 June 2017


Back on track. That's what Mum said we needed to get today. Well, it's a blimmin good job I knew which way that track was!

Six and a half mile of workywalkies, most of it plain and straight forward. I took Mum into town, first of all, to 'Find Specsavers'. I took a snooze under the table while a ladyhuman fixed Mummy's eyewindows (apparently eyewindows don't like being stood on!). Then it was 'Find Boots'. In there it was 'Find the counter'. Then Mum got a bit narked with the ladyworkyhuman; Mum asked her for some stuff to help sort out the big red dots she has on her back legs. She says they are bites (NOT from me!). The ladyworkyhuman walked off and got some things from a shelf, then came back and made a fuss of me. Then she just put the two boxes on the counter in front of Mum and asked 'Which one?". Mum asked "What are they?" the reply was simply "Well, there's this one or that one". Mum had to explain that she couldn't see them. The workyladyhuman just gave a big huff and said 'This one has anti hissed a mean, and stair rods, that one doesn't.' It seems she has no idea of visual impairment!

It all finished off with a nice cool wander around Sainsbury's, where I got a good few fusses and admirations from the workypeople. I also got a cheer and paw-banging from a manhuman who spotted me doing a 'get the button' at the crossing.

The bit where Mum tried to go off track was after a time in a shop called Peacocks. I quite enjoyed a few lie-downs on the cool floor in there while Mum was feeling and finding some fursubstitutes. After I'd done a 'find the checkout' Mum then asked me to 'find the way out' I did of course. As we approached the door, she said 'Find left'. I did and we started going along the corridor of the indoor shoppyplace. Then she said 'Let's go find Sainsbury's'. I gave her my "Errrr.....are you sure?" look and slowed right down. She got the message! She said 'Are we going the wrong way?' I just turned us around and led us the right way!

I think Mum was rather impressed by me! I got loads of praise and she called me 'Smartybum'!

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