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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Lucky escape! Mum was burbling this morning about going out workywalkies into town. I suppose that would have been OK, but what actually happened was MUCH more fun! A whole bunch of pooch pals turned up beside out floatyboatyhome. There was only one thing to do: Go join in the fun!

Yipppeeeee! It was fabulous fun! Looooooads of swimming and running and chasing and more swimming...... So much better preparation for a day of snoozing through the heat than a workywalkies would have been! Mum says that trip into town can wait till another day.

This morning's funtime included Mum and one other ladyhuman going into the doggyswimming area. They went in to rescue a doggypal who got into difficulties. She was a little spanielish pooch. She went in swimming but ended up paddling frantically and getting nowhere. She needed human help to get back out again. Afterwards, she was all good and happy again, and went in for another swim but was OK that time.

It really was the bestest morning of fun for me!

A bit later, another floatyboatyhome came to our mooring and moored up with us. It is Bess's floatyboatyhome! Yayy! I have a buddy (albeit a very old and no-longer-playful buddy) in my garden!

This evening, we went on the big Bus of Hope again (I guess it must be Tuesday today). It was mega tongue-hangout-hot on there so Mum and I stayed outside with all the maximinihumans. I enjoyed just lying on the grass and chillin with everyone. Mum did loads of yacketying with all the humans of all ages and sizes.

When we got back from the bus, we found extra humanpals by our floatyboatyhome: Andy and Sue had come to join us all - that meant that my bestest-girlie-doggyfriend, Lilly was here too! Yippppppeeeeeeeeeee! Fun and games and run and chase and tug.........a perfect ending to the day! (And we both stayed out of the water!)

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