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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Swimming Ban? What Have I Done Wrong???

Another 6 miles of workywalkies today, in two sets. The first was to the humanvets. Mum showed the humanvetman the big red splotches on her back legs and he gave her a little floppy rectangle. He gave me a nice ear-rub too! The next bit of workywalkies was to the other end of town to 'Find Boots'. In there, while Mum was dealing with the workylady who swapped the floppy rectangle for a bag full of boxes, I got to meet and greet Banjo, the golden retriever who was a puppy when I last met him. He is now an autism assistance dog, so allowed into shops like me. We had a brief meetygreetysniff session while our humans did a bit of yacketying.

This workywalkes finished off going to the floatyboatykennel where we lived for some time. Dad was there with our floatyboatyhome. The squirtysnake was squirting into the hole on deck and Dad was busy to-ing and fro-ing with bags of rubbish and the grey boxes that get swallowed into the cupboard under the human spending bowl.

The second workywalkies was doing our thing - towpath, locks and swingbridge! Yippee! We went downstream one lock. Mum and I waited by the bottom gates while Dad took our home out, spun it around and brought it straight back into the lock. Then we had to do the whole lock-filing thing all over again. Well....OK....I admit.....Mum did all the windy-uppy-windiy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. I sat and watched and absorbed a little fuss and admiration from passers-by! There was one more lock and the swingbridge to deal with then back to our glorious huge 'garden' here on Northcroft Park again. My old buddy Bess was waiting for me as I guided Mum across the field.

I haven't managed to get in any swimming today. Mum seems to think I need to stay clean and dry for a while. She also burbled something about 'a little discipline'..... I am rather wondering if this has anything to do with all the yacketying she was doing to her talkybone on the way to the humanvets this morning.......

Hmmmmmm...... I do need to sort out this clean and respectable nonsense though. She launched a major attack on me with the grooming kit and a bowl of frothyslosh with a flannel in it! Hooooowwwwlllllll.......

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