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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Suddenly - I'm not Half the Dog I Used to Be...

Workywalkies. Mega-grooming session. Ooooooodles of fuss and admiration! That about sums up today!

About 3 miles workywalkies around town taking Mum to Lidl's, then Tesco's, the yummy wagon at the flappy-walled shoppy area. In Tesco's we had to wait quite a while as a nice ladyhuman workyperson was using her talkybone to sort out an order for 600 breads to roll in (or something like that anyway....). I just laid down for most of the time, enjoyed the coolness and watched the world go by outside the doors. Then Mum asked me to find the yummy wagon. I did, but I didn't get anything of the yummies on display. Mum once again ordered - this time it was 300 burgers and 300 sausages. Now I DO like the sound of THAT order!

After a little rest back aboard our floatyboatyhome, I went with Mummy out onto the towpath by the park. I 'hupped' onto the bench so she could groom me all over. Ooooooh! that was good! Mum said she got half a dog off me. Someone else told her the other half was all over Mum's front! I think I am still here though......That was a good massage! Some bits made me go all wriggly-jiggly! Ooohoooohooo!

The rest of the day was spent lying on the towpath beside Mum, while she did endless yacketying with all sorts of passersby. I managed to invite myself for some good fusses from a good many of them!

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