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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I am Soooo Awesome!

School again! A different school today though - big minihumans. Well.....I was told there were minihumans there.......I errrrr.....rather didn't really notice them......I was just a smidgen distracted by a whole load of Guide Dog colleagues! A totally joyous meet up - even if we didn't get to do anything more exciting than kanoodle!

I had to take Mummy workywalkies there - along with two manhuman floatyboatyfriends. Mum thought she knew the way but, at one junction she stopped and said 'Oooh....hang on a minute, I need to get some orientation. Not sure if we need to go right or straight on here....'. Before she had got her talkybone out to check, I had sorted her out. I knew perfectly well that we needed to go right! I have done this route once before! Mum is just such a ninny sometimes!

We got there before anyone else and I was just getting comfy on the carpet when I heard a big 'WOOF'. It was Bobby the big yellow puppy - only 10 months old but huuuuuge! Ooooh! It was waggygood to have a colleague arrive. Then the doors opened again and in came Harley, a fellow working black Guide Dog, then a little girlie black lab 16 week old Poppy appeared too! It was waggy-woofy-mayhem! Well.....in a subdued 'behave yourself' kind of way......

We all went into a huge hall and then loads of big minihumans arrived too. Mum says these minihumans all belong to a house in the school. I didn't see any houses - just a huge building! These minihumans have all raised ooooodles of shinydisks to sponsor Guide Dog puppies and Bobby is one of them.

Mum and Chris (one of our floatyboatyhumanfriends) did a load of yacketying with a black lollipop. I just spent most of my time trying to sneak in some kanoodling with my buddies. I didn't get away with much of it, but it was fab to be there with them.

After this, we all had to pose for one-eyed-clickyboxes outside.

Sadly, we all separated again and went our separate ways. I had to take Mum shopping and then back home.

This evening I went walkies again to the other end of town to meet n greet another load of big minihumans. I think I now rather need my sofasnuggles time!

Photo of four ladyhumans with dogs.

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