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Monday, 12 June 2017

Hot Dogs!

Back in action again today! All good!

It was a great workywalkies to and from church this morning. Not only did I guide Mum, but also three other humanfriends too! We went the route that goes through a road that goes nowhere for cars and then on through twittens. Humanfriends Graham, Henry and Lin asked 'Are you sure we're going the right way?' Mum just said 'Follow Oaks. He knows the way'. Well, of course I do! I think they were impressed! Heehee!

On the way back, Mum did exactly the right thing. She actually allowed me to guide her into Pets at Home! Yayyhayy! I got new toys! And Mum got some for my Lilly girlfriend too!

The afternoon was spent all in the park again, with gazillions of humanvisitors at the floatyboatyhomes. There were a few pooch pals to meet and greet too, including a Guide Dog Puppy, Hattie who was very enthusiastic in her meetings and greetings. I got to spend quite a lot of the time just chilling on the towpath by the bridge while Mum held onto the boats' leads so humans could get on and off to go for little trips on the little boats.

After all that was done, we went over to a different bit of the park, where there is a raised floor area with a lid on top. Daddy was up on there with his dumdumdum noisestickbox, as well as some others with various different noise boxes and a manhuman with bangy boxes. Of course that meant there was a load of human howling and yacketying going on. It was OK though, Hattie and I just sang to each other across the expanse of grass that was between us!

The grand finale of the day was the bestest bit though! Lilly and I got to have a fantabulous playtime on the park with our new toys. Squeaky burger, squeaky hotdog, squeaky squishy balls and big tennis balls with launcher. Mum is getting good at using that launcher. We had a lot of running to do!

We are all very very ready to inspect the insides of our eyelids now!

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