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Thursday, 8 June 2017

I've been down t' Pub!

Ear-rubs, belly tickles, back scratches, fusses, admiration.......I've had the lot today - in great abundance!

It all started in yet another human school. This time it was a smaller room with a ring of biggish minihumans on chairs. We had gone there in Henry's car, with another humanfriend, Elaine from the floatyboats team. Mum says it was a school for children with special needs. Well, I liked their special loves! They were all really nice and gentle but they got their pawpointers into all the right places to get me rolling on my back for the bestest fusses! Mum and Henry and Elained, plus a ladyhuman there did a whole load of yacketying while I just absorbed all the admiration.

After so much attention, it was nice to take Mum and Elaine workywalkies back home. Henry drove back alone. I guided Mum and Elaine through the bestest route - the one that just happens to go via a parkyplace! With a stream! Well......it had to be done didn't it? Mum treated me to those few minutes of freerun while Elaine did my job for me. That stream just forced me in......I simply couldn't resist its lure......heehee! Mum got a bit damp on her leg-covers when she harnessed me up again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent kind of wandering around all the floatyboats, meeting and greeting lots of humans and a few passing poochpals too. I also got to sneak in a couple of good games of chase with Lilly. I do like this idea of being moored beside a park with my bestest buddy in a neighbouring floatyboatyhome!

This evening, I got to do a bit of kanoodling with Lilly under the table in a place Mum says is called a pub. The humans were all noshing and drinking stinky browny coloured water in tall see-through bowls. At one end of the room, some of our floatyboatyfriends were doing a load of humanhowling into lollipops. They were also stroking and tickling the long whiskers on noiseboxes. One of them, John, was tooting on a stick with holes in it. Jan was using a long stick to stroke the whiskers on a wee-waaarr noisebox thing. All the noshing and drinking people were banging their front paws together sometimes too. Humans are so peculiar! Lilly and I just left them all to it while we got on with the much more sensible business of chewing each other's faces and ears!

When we came out of there, it was all dark so I had to strut my stuff getting Mum safely back down the road, over the wobbly wooden bridge and then along the towpath. I even managed to steer her around the puddles!

Just about time now for a quick sofa snuggles before recharging ready for tomorrow's adventures......

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