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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Why do People Park on the Pavements??? Grrrrrrrrr...

Mummy's little hero! That's what I got dubbed today. Well, I was only doing my job but I am happy to receive praise!

I took Mummy workywalkies to a Guide Dogs meet n greet session (well, actually, it was a more of a Guide Dog Oakley admiration session as I was the only furry one there!). On the way, I had to do no less than three offkerbs around vehicles parked on pavements. The second and third were not too bad - just cars blocking the pavements on quiet roads. The first one, however, was a big challenge. There was a huge lorry parked on the pavement beside a busy road. It had cars on it's back and was completely blocking our way. I stopped Mummy a little way from it and she asked me to 'Find the way'. I took her to the kerb and stopped again. She couldn't hear much over the loud growling of the lorry on her right side, so she couldn't really hear oncoming traffic. She asked me again to 'Find the way', thinking it was safe to go. I had spotted a big van coming towards us around the lorry though, so I stayed firmly put, stopping Mum from getting squashed. After the van had gone by, I took Mum around the lorry. As we got towards it's tail end, I had to stop Mum again; one of the cars was coming down off the lorry's back and would have squashed us if we had carried on onto the pavement. This was a very nasty moment as we were in the middle of the road with nowhere to go. I waited untll the car had finished coming backwards off the lorry's back and had got out of our way, then I took Mummy safely back onto the pavement so we could continue on our way. Mummy was super pleased with me and gave me oodles of praise - and a yummy or two too!

The journey back home was much more pleasant and uneventful. We came back a different way!

Before we left this morning, Mum launched a major attack on me with the grooming kit. She said she could knit me a buddy from all the fur that came off me. I hope she does!

Me and Mum at today's meet n greet inside a place called Vodafone HQ. Mum is sitting on a chair in front of a big Guide Dogs banner. I am lying at her back paws. Beside us is a table with a blue Guide Dogs tablecloth on it and two ladyhumans behind it and lots of fund-raising items on the table.

Me on my mat on the sofa with a huge pile of my fur in front of me. I am inspecting it closely!

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