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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Yappy New Year!

Heehee! I have a new profession! I am a car decorator and tshirt designer! Pawprints look fantabulous on both!

After getting back from taking Mum on a long workywalkies, I was just getting comfy for a snuggle on the sofa with Mum. Mum's talkybone dinged and she got up again, put pawcovers on and went out onto the front deck. It was obvious she was planning on going further so I simply had to get up and escort her. Well, I couldn't miss out on a chance for another walkies could I? Errr.... well, I mean, I couldn't leave Mum to go alone! Ahem! We only walked down the length of the floatyboatykennel place. When we got to the straight bit that leads to the cage doors, I spotted a car that I recognised. I may have slightly made a bit of a twerp of myself. I may just have squeaked all the way down the rest of the drive. Then I was a very clever boy: I hupped up and pressed the button to open the cage doors. The car came in and the window went down. I just couldn't help myself......my tail was wagging me totally out of control..... It was Debbi and Ryan in the car! Yipppeeeee! I just had to hup (Ryan did invite me to do it). Ryan's ears were very yummy! That was where my career as a car decorator started. Those paw prints were rather attractive I thought! Heehee!

Ryan then drove on down the drive and to the end of the floatyboatykennel and parked his car beside our's. Mum and I walked on behind them and, when we got close, Mum asked me to wait a moment. Then she released my lead and I zooomed off at top wizz speed to greet our visitors. I may have got a tad enthusiastic and my tail led me out of control again! I gave Debbi and Ryan my bestest happiest greetings, then raced back to Mum. Her T-shirt looks rather splendid with two bold muddy pawprints on the front!

It seems that I will have to share my bedroom tonight. Yayyy!

Mum says it is a special night tonight. She says we have to say Yappy New Year to everyone. She says tomorrow will be a whole new year. Well I have no idea what any of that means but YAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

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