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Friday, 9 December 2016

Another Packet...

Back on our floatyboatyhome again! Aaaah! Cozy snoozy snuggles!

It certainly hasn't been an idle day. Nearly 4 miles workywalkies and a couple of good games of chase in the Clifftop park started the day nicely. I took Mum into town where I had to "Find the arcade", then the little shop with lots of shiny sparkly things and lots of tickydisks. I got lots of lovely fusses in there and Mum got a shiny sparkly thing to put on her pawpointer. She seems really pleased with this.

After a successful mission in guiding Mum on the best route back, ie the route along the pawmenade then up the zigzag, we found ourselves in the Clifftop park - Heehee! Well, to be truthful, the 'heehee' came at the bottom of the zigzag; I gave Mum my bestest pleading look and it worked! She removed my lead, noseband and bra and decided to puff and pant up behind me! I really don't understand why she finds it so hard. I just whizz up there. Four paws vs two paws - no contest!

The freerun fun continued around the park too, where I had two great games of chase - one with a tiny toy poodle pocket rocket whose little legs went so fast they were a blur, and then a littlish black who-knows-what-mixture lad. Both were such great fun that we didn't even stop to exchange names! Oops!

Mum ended up slightly ahead of me going through the twitten that leads from the park back to the road. She whistled for me to come, which I did - but not before finding myself a lovely stick. I raced to Mum with my prize and she laughed at me before giving me my recall reward yummy. That, of course, meant I had to put my stick down. Next thing I know is my noseband, lead and bra going back on. That's fine. I don't mind that at all......except that it meant I couldn't pick up my stick again. That was mean, Mummy! She said something about sticks being dangerous and not allowed! I gave her my most pathetic whimpering sad look I could muster but it was no use. The stick stayed in the park! Harrrumph!

Upon return to Granny's flat, we found another little parcel on the prickly mat. This one was OK though, unlike yesterday's little surprise (Mum says the Directors of the block - whoever they are! and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK)​ - are dealing with that incident!). It was a delivery that Mum WAS expecting. When she opened it, she put this neck-wrapper on me. She says it is very smart and that my waggly wand is my waggly tail! I have no idea what she is on about but I am happy to wear it as it makes her smile - and it gets me extra fusses and attentions! Heehee!

I've taken Dad for a longish walkies this evening here in Newbury so I am definitely ready for MummySofaSnuggles!

Photo of me lying on beige carpet wearing my new bandana. It is black and has white squiggles on it saying "DOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WAGGERY" and a Harry Potter zap!

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