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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New Territory, New Lidl's...

HUFFFFF! Blimmin leaky sky! I most definitely heard mention of a freerun, but it didn't happen because the sky leaked. Huffffety grump!

I did my workywalkies duties - first of all to the Post Office in Westbourne, where we had to wait in a Q outside the closed door for aaaaaages before going in to give some of my calendars to the nice ladyhuman in the cage. She sticked stickers on them and promised to get them to the nice people who have ordered them. (I promise that the shinydisks will be going to my fund to sponsor another Puppy to be trained to be a lifechanger like me!)

I also did loads of other little bits and bobs of workywalkes - in between hops in and out of the car - in all sorts of different shops. One bit was on completely unfamiliar territory - I took Mum to Lidl's while Dad went to play in a one-eyed-clickybox shop. This involved a bit of a walk along a busy shoppystreet and across a bleepycrossing, then around Lidl's (this one was laid out very differently to any others we've been in). Mum couldn't work out where the checkout was so she asked me to 'find the checkout'. Well - of course I did! Sometimes she can be so slow to put her trust in me! Then I had to 'find the way back'. No problem! I even find a suitable minor diversion to the route to do a very necessary necessity! Mum burbled something about 'bone bum' and then triple wrapped my offering. She said something about not stinking out the shop as we couldn't find a bin! How rude!

Well, I may not have got my freerun but my jaws have had some good exercise - that bone is now less than half the size it was yesterday!

Now, could somebody please arrange for some non-leaky sky tomorrow so I can take Mum and Dad for that freerun......

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