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Sunday, 18 December 2016


I am aaaaaaalllll fussded out!

It is exhausting being so adorable! It has been fun though - even with furry reindeer antlers and a santa bandana!

Oh! Errrmmmm....ahem! I maaaay just have had a momentary lapse of attention at one tiny point in the day....... well..... I had been uber good aaaaaallll week.......I hadn't attempted to wander out of the shop....... but spotting a colleague was just too much to resist! Guide Dog Harley was strutting his stuff, guiding his Mum, Kim through the indoor shoppyplace, right past our wrappyup shop. I just happened to be 'free' at just that right moment! Well..... I couldn't let him get past without a greeting, could I? Heehee! I may perhaps made a bit of a twerp of myself by wizzing around in leapy circly spins....... well.... it was just sooooooo good to find a buddy!

5 photos -
1) me lying on my back on my sofa-bed sending up some zzzzs after all the hard work of the week
2-5) various head and shoulders poses of me wearing my red furry santa bandana and furry antlers

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