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Wednesday, 21 December 2016



Sandy paws. Sandy nose. Soggy belly. HAPPY OAKLEY!

Yesssss! A fabtabulous freerun on the beach - after a session of workywalkies taking Mum (and Dad) around some shops in a big shoppyplace where we've never been before. (That always mean I have to work extra hard - not only keeping Mum safe in the unfamiliar environment, but also, finding the way back. Mum is absolutely hopeless when it comes to any sense of direction!)

Oooh! It was soooooo good to do those zoomies on the sand, and to fetch my ball back from the sloshysplashy stuff when silly Mum threw it in there - many times over! She is so daft! I even found a couple of doggybuddies to play with briefly.

A very happy, sandy, soggy face.

Mum about to launch my ball. She is standing on the wet sand, holding the blue ball-launcher wand in her right hand - up above her shoulder. I am standing at the edge of the water waiting for the action.

Me running at full speed into the ocean to retrieve my ball.

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