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Sunday, 4 December 2016

No Energy Left....

Ella and Bella. Two girliedogs well worth meeting up with. Ella the bloodhound and Bella the staffie X lab (neighbour boatydog).

The day started with a workywalkies to and from Church, back via a 'Find Boots, Oaks' to get some stuff to help stop Dad barking and growling. Then I demolished a whole knobblyknucklebone. Yummmy! Then on went Mum n Dad's pawcovers again!

We went to a place with a big tall bit-of-a-building on top of a hill. We climbed up the hill. Mum and Dad were panting by the time they reached the top. I had whizzed up and down and back again several times! And I had helped a fellow labrador fetch his ball. He couldn't run anywhere near as fast as me so I saved him a bit of his energy. I'm not convinced my kindness was entirely appreciated by his humans though. They grumped a bit and I had to give the ball back and move on.

At the top of the hill, Dad stopped to play with his one-eyed-clickybox toy. I led Mum on to explore. We found a kind of low wall around the edges and went in to check it out. Mum says it is the remains of Donnington Castle. I just thought it was a fab place to do zoomies and leap on and off the fat bobbly walls. Then came the super fun bit: Ella the Bloodhound appeared and we had a superb game of chase all around the hilltop. The humans were all complaining about being cold! Well, they should get chasing shouldn't they? We dogs were perfectly warm and happy!

When we got back to our floatyboatyhome and got out of the car, I had the unexpected bonus of another playtime with Bella the Staffie x Labrador who lives on a neighbouring floatyboatyhome. Great fun!

Now, the hotbox is glowing nicely and I think I have snoozed off the excitement so now I think it must be time for my dinner. Actually ..... Oi! Mummmmmm...... it's past my dinnertime.........ahem! No wonder I had to snooze...... no energy left! Please rectify this terrible situation....... urgently......

A couple of photos of me on the hilltop, enjoying a good sniff about and watching to one side in the hope of maybe another buddy coming along for a play.

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