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Saturday, 3 December 2016

I am Super Good!

Meanie meanie Mummy. Didn't share that bacon this morning! Left my mouth dripping and leaving her leg all soggy. I pleaded and pleaded with my bestest 'I'm starving down here' pleads. I nuzzled her to remind her of the serious error of omission. Nothing worked! I remained baconless! Harrrumph!

Then I had to take meaniebum workywalkies! We went into town to a shop that was being all wrapped up. Most peculiar! I just laid down while Dad and lots of ladyhumans did all sorts of strange things: sticking long sheets of paper on the walls, wrapping up boxes in different coloured flappysheets, using markysticks to squiggle in the walls.....and Mum spent the whole time using those funny crossover-snippy-sticks to make big flappysheets into smaller flappysheets! All most peculiar!

Next came workywalkies back to our cozy floatyboatyhome for a bit of snuggletime. Then Dad left us. I had to take Mum on another long workywalkies. This time, we went around the other side of town, firstly to a fursubstitutes shop, then to Tesco, before heading back home. I had to really strutt my stuff guiding Mum in the darkness, especially as we headed along the towpath. It was VERY dark there so Mum had to put every ounce of her trust in me. I think I must have done good - I got super fuss and a big juicy carrot when we got home again. Then I got my dinner. All yummy and worth being supergood-at-my-job for!

Now Dad is back and it is nice to be using Mum's lap as a snuggly pillow. I think I forgive the bacon issue!

Photo shows my head looking up from under the pale wood table. Chin on Mum's blue leg, looking very hopeful.

Photo of this morning's strange goings on in the shop.

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