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Friday, 9 December 2016


My poop must be something very special!

Every time I do a download, Mum or Dad gathers it up in a little bag, does a fiddlytwiddly thing with the top of the bag, then puts it inside another bag and fiddlytwiddlied that too. Next, I have to 'Find the bin' and my offering is placed carefully inside the bin. That was exactly what happened this morning. Little blue bags with pawprints on. Placed safely inside one of the huge bins in the bin-prison here at Granny's flat.

I then took Mum workywalkies into town. When we got back to the front door (inside - the actual door to the flat, not the outside door to the stairs), there on the little prickly rectangle by the door was that little blue bag! If I hadn't pointed it out to Mum, I think she would have squished it with her back paw! This has never happened before, so I guess I have to conclude that I produced something very special today!

Mum didn't seem too impressed! She then found a folded up white markysheet with black squiggles on it. Apparently this came through the flap in the door a couple of days ago. Apparently it says something about "Stop filling our bins with filthy dog mess". Well! I know I'm not exactly a tiny dog but "FILL" the bins? Really? There are three of them and they are huuuuuge!

Mum ended up yacketying loads on her talkybone. She has been assured that she IS doing nothing wrong and that this note and returned offering is out of order! I have no idea what any of that means but I kind of got the impression that Mum was not happy. She said something about there must be someone here who hates me! Huff!

I gave her my loves and snuggles! I also got to take her for another nice long workywalkies this evening. That cheered her up. It was much nicer than this morning. We got very soggy going into town! The silly sky was leaking. Now, I do love getting wet - but NOT when I'm working. My kind of happy wet is mucky wet. Sky leakage is far too clean!

The little blue bag of my doggydownload on the doormat. White front door, brown patterned mat, my head to the right.


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